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In our Factory, we manufacture our patès following a tradicional hand-made process, just trusting in the best ingredients to confer to our products the best flavour and taste.

Nowadays, we produce more than 40 different flavours with a great balance between price and deli quality. Thanks to this balance our product is very well accepted by our consumers.
We are based in a natural space in the heart of “Sierra de Cazorla”, a massive set of mountains located in the north-east of Andalusia.

A junction of leafy forest of Sierra the Cazorla, a varied fauna, an excellent production of olive oil and the use of heritage recipes transmitted from parents to sons, we achieve a new industry mixing new technologies with the responsibility gained working seriously for many year in the butchery business.

Gourmet Cazorla represents the soul of the traditional heritage in the present time, offering you an exceptional variety of new products that will be loved by the most exigent tasters.

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